Welcome from your blog hosts, Marian and Stu. We live and work on the East End of Long Island. In every season we remain pleased and surprised by the wide variety of attractions and activities ready to enjoy. To share the East End, all it offers,  and to share the sense of fun and adventure that comes from being a “tourist in your own town”, we started this blog.

A bit about us

Marian is a teacher in a local East Hampton school district. She loves her cats all the time, and enjoys the beach,  swimming, cooking, wine tasting, and travel in her spare time.

Stu is an Information Technology (IT) consultant and IT industry analyst. He is a confirmed cat lover, and enjoys skiing, sailing, cycling, and his morning jog around the north end of Springs, New York. A familiar sight to his friends and neighbors, Stu is widely known as “The Running Man”. When not working or engaged in sports, Stu loves to cook, wine taste, and travel.

Marian and Stu have traveled to Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey in search of great food, wine, and adventure. They always find at least two out of those three!

Here is Columbus, one of the beloved family cats. He is studying the situation before engaging in misdeeds.

Columbus is curious!