Tripped Up

We were lost in Vodkaville!

The view from VodkaVilleMarian and I set out for a trip around the North Fork, hoping to end our ride in Greenport, and ferry back home. Well, it didn’t happen that way at all. We were tripped up by last week’s New York Times. In the September 29th issue, readers were informed “Looking for the Hamptons? Go the other way”. It seems that everyone imaginable took this advice to heart and filled the North Fork to bursting. Too crowded to fulfill our plan, we punted and had a great trip anyway.

We threw a U-Turn and headed for Baiting Hollow, where Long Island Spirits offers its delicious LiV vodka and Sorbettos for tasting and purchase. We love the original vodka and the lemon and lime Sorbetto. Of course, you should taste them and make up your own mind. This time we decided to try a Whiskey and Brandy tasting. Yes, why limit yourself to great vodka when the world of tawny liquor beckons?

The Whiskey

The Whiskey tasting offers two out of the four available products for $13.00. Yes, you pick and try, and that is it. No second round, for your own safety and that of your fellow drivers. The whiskey we tried was the Pine Barrens Single Malt American Whiskey which starts its life as a barley wine style-ale and ends its life in your glass at about 95 proof. It was like Scotch but without the smoke, and was reasonably smooth, with just the right amount of edge. It’s flavor notes reminded me of the artisanal Rittenhouse Rye, but more restrained. AT $45.00 for a 375 ml bottle, this stuff isn’t cheap, but it is good.

The Brandy

We enjoyed the Sherwood House X.O. brandy that begins its life as a Chardonnay, award winning we are told. Alchemy turns it into a wonderful spirit with a great “winey” nose that lets you know this is grape, not grain. We found it to be at once smooth and spicy. We agreed that ginger was subtle but evident. This is available at LI Spirits’ tasting room or you can buy it on the Sherwood House Vineyards website. Enjoy it… we did. Two corks up!!

The Escape

We left the North Fork and headed back to the Hamptons via a secret route we will not divulge. There was no traffic during the encounter. We noted that the whole South Fork seemed eerily devoid of people and cars. I guess everyone headed north for the day. No matter, we had a great trip around town, and so will you.

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