The Winery on the Sound

Yes, Kontokosta is the only North Fork Long Island winery whose land reaches right to the shores of Long Island Sound.IMAG0213 Charles, our host in the tasting room, invited us to walk out on the property and enjoy the view. Of course we did, but first we tasted some wines.

We decided to try a flight of whites, which Charles offered along with expert commentary. A wine and food enthusiast, he talked about how he pairs these wines with some of his favorite dishes. His conversation added a whole other dimension to our tasting experience.

The Whites

kontokosta wineryKontokosta offered four whites for tasting, with bottle prices ranging from $16 to $25. Here is the lineup.

NV Anemometer White ($16) – NV means non-vintage, and this Sauvignon Blanc was a blend of two recent vintages. We found  good cut with citrus on the palate and a mineral top note. The nose was grassy, as Sauvignon Blancs often are. Marian and I both liked this wine.

We agreed that it would be excellent with ceviche, and it reminded us of a Gruner Veltliner, with hints of white grapefruit.

2012 Sauvignon Blanc ($25) – This Sauvignon Blank is the 2012 harvest and was markedly different from the Anemometer White. With a floral top note and restrained tropical fruit, we thought of enjoying it with delicate seafood like fresh flounder prepared simply, or for sipping in the afternoon.

2011 Orient Chardonnay ($17) – This wine is mostly steel fermented but spends a bit of time in oak before bottling. We found more oak on the nose than on the palate. This Chardonnay is spare, and reminded us far more of French Chardonnays than Americans. Marian pronounced it “seafood friendly” with great sipping potential too.

2010 Viognier ($25) – Charles told us that Kontokosta was the only North Fork winery to bottle a Viognier. This one is delicious. Floral on the nose with the scent of honey and peach, it is lush yet dry. We thought of Porchetta or a spicy and assertive chicken dish as the right kind of pairing for this wine. It was our favorite of the tasting.

The Sound

On the breezy afternoon of our visit we walked out onto the back deck of the winery, and then headed north to the Sound. You will IMAG0215be walking on a path through a field, and your stroll will end at a bluff overlooking the water.

Kontokosta has cleverly placed seating and tables. In the winery you may purchase cheese and charcuterie plates (and some wine, of course) to enjoy.

This is a beautiful spot, so expect company during the warm weather months. No doubt the sunsets would be spectacular.

The Conclusion

We give Kontokosta “two corks up”, especially considering the excellent work of our host Charles, and the fabulous view. We liked the whites we tasted, and will be back over the winter to sample the reds, and probably a cheese and charcuterie plate or two.

Stay tuned for our post on the Taste of the North Fork celebration we enjoyed in Greenport. Until then, enjoy your trip around town!

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