Un-SuperBowl Sunday – Part 1

Avoiding the Elephant on the Tube

As long as I have known Marian, we have had an unblemished record of never watching the Superbowl, nor hosting or attending a Superbowl party. This past Sunday was to be no different. It turned out to be a beautiful and relatively warm February day, with East End temperatures in the 40 F. degree range. Not bad for the end of a week that began with another Polar Vortex. We decided to take a ride to the North Fork and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Picnic at Sherwood House Vineyards

un-superbowl sundayThe Sherwood House Vineyards site at which we picnicked is located in Jamesport, NY, close to the western end of the North Fork Wine Trail. Good thing too, as we got a late start and were hungry. A quick stop at the Meetinghouse Deli armed us with my favorite house-made turkey sandwich and a selection of salads. Fast, delicious, and reasonable. OK, on to Sherwood House. This is a picnic-friendly winery that makes you feel at home, offers a cozy atmosphere, and sells great wine. A substantial portfolio is available by the glass, but we chose a bottle of their 2006 North Fork Merlot, now on offer at $12.00/bottle. Still drinking great, it partnered well with picnic fare.

Hialeah Anniversary

The tasting room in which we picnicked is light and airy, with a snazzy remote-control gas fireplace that lent the right atmosphere for a winter afternoon’s lunch. Over the fireplace, on the back wall of the tasting room, hangs a panoramic photo of Hialeah Racetrack, taken on February 4th, 1933. By some coincidence, we were looking at the photo, 81 years to the weekend that it had been taken. What stood out is how dressed up the crowed appeared. There was nothing special going on that weekend 81 years ago, but all the men wore suits or slacks and sport coats, and they sported Panama hats. The women in the crowd wore dresses, and looked like they had just come from church.  Some things have changed a bit, but people are still looking for enjoyment and relaxation on a Sunday afternoon.


Nearly Nap Time

un-superbowl-sunday-1In the tasting room, with comfortable couches, a glass of wine, and Sinatra playing, we found the peace that everyone seeks after a busy and stressful week of work. No, we did not doze off and begin to snore. We did enjoy the peaceful feeling, and appreciated our Sherwood House hosts for the friendly atmosphere they offer. In the past, we have enjoyed Jamesport Raw’s oyster bar that Sherwood House features in warm weather. The raw bar will reappear in June, but don’t wait until then to visit. Try the wines, and consider the wine club. We think supporting our local wineries is practically a civic duty, so do your part. Visit, taste, and take some home. There is nothing like a glass of wine to make your weeknight dinner special.

Moving On

The un-Superbowl Sunday was still wide open. We headed for the Castello di Borghese tasting room, where we had not visited in years. In the next post, we’ll tell you about Brix, and the Borghese wines we’ve been missing. Until then, enjoy your trip around town.

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