Sunny Sunday – Tasty Food

Delicious Indian Food at Saaz

Forget yesterday’s snow and ice that lingers our local streets. Tomorrow’s threat of a blizzard is a maybe proposition. We have only today to enjoy. So on Sunday, we headed out to (hopefully) enjoy great Indian food, and a visit to the Parrish Art Museum. We succeeded on both counts. Now, let me tell you about Saaz, the excellent Indian restaurant in Southampton, NY.


SaazThere are many ethnic restaurants on the East End, but most are of the Mediterranean variety, with a few fine Japanese and German restaurants represented. Indian? Not until Saaz appeared. Located in Southampton on County Road 39, it is easy to find, and easier to enjoy. We loved it. Here is why.


Warm and Friendly Atmosphere

Saaz is welcoming. Owner Sonya and our waiter Rohit turned a restaurant experience into a meal with friends. Rohit explained the buffet offerings, offered suggestions on which condiments would complement the offerings best, and was a friendly presence at our table. Sonya shared a recipe with us, and made us feel welcome and valued. Arrive as diners, and leave as friends. Don’t have time to visit? No worries… Saaz delivers to Southampton and East Hampton.

Amazing Buffet

India is a huge country containing many disparate cultures and cuisines. How would you make this fantastic variety accessible? The Saaz buffet is a great answer. Offerings ranged from salad with intense cilantro chutney and tamarind sauce through vegetarian stews (think variations on eggplant, lentils, vegetable melange in a savory sauce) to meat dishes (goat curry, chicken tikka, kebabs, and more) ending with excellent rice pudding and carrot pudding. Yes, it is an all you can eat buffet, and we visited the chow line several times. The many delicious choices deserved individual scrutiny. Of course, every offering is not for everyone. You think goat isn’t your thing? Why not try it? Your favorite isn’t here? No worries, as the buffet choices change by day. Buffet isn’t your thing? Saaz has an extensive menu. You will find happiness within.

Interesting Wines

We were surprised and pleased to see an eclectic wine list. Zind Humbrecht was right there, where it belonged. This time out we didn’t order wine, instead enjoying Indian tea. However, the list contains fine choices, many available by the glass as well as the bottle. Saaz has a sense of humor, too. A party seated nearby ordered wine spritzers. Not certain of the desired wine/club soda ratio, the Saaz staff arrived at table with plenty of wine and soda water. The patrons found the mix that pleased.

Next Time

We left Saaz quite full, ready for our Parrish Art Museum initiation. After driving by it countless times, we decided to visit. Next post, it is Parrish. Until then, please stay safe in the coming blizzard, and enjoy your trip around town.


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