Let it Snow!

The East End Looks Grand in Snow

boo boo watches the snow

Boo Boo watches it snow

If you live in the northeast of the US, you probably have become tired of the snow and cold we have been experiencing over the past few weeks. The snow blocks driveways, makes walking and running treacherous, and may strain your back from the effort of shoveling.  Let’s face it, that isn’t the way you felt about snow as a child. It was beautiful, fun to play in, and meant a day or two off from school. In the spirit of child-like appreciation, here are some shots of Gerard Drive, one of my jogging routes, and for now a snowshoeing-walking route.

Right,.. a little sun makes the scene look brighter. Enjoy the view and the snow!

Beautiful View from Gerard Point

Next Time

Long Island Winterfest 2015 kicks off this weekend, and we will be there. Until then, enjoy your trip around town!

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