Quogue Wildlife Refuge

Visit Quogue Wildlife Refuge!

Out here in the Hamptons and looking for something other than the beach? Try the Quogue Wildlife Refuge in Quogue, NY. Aside from scheduled activities and talks, the refuge is open 365 days a year, and the resident animals will enjoy seeing you as much as you will enjoy seeing them.

quogue wildlife refuge

Beautiful pond

While on my way to Wild by Nature in Hampton Bays, I decided to detour and enjoy the peaceful company of some beautiful, once-wild creatures. Most of the animals at the refuge have been injured and restored to health, but are not able to live safely in the wild. Examples include birds of prey with missing wings, damaged vision, and similar wounds. Other animals have been raised around humans and do not see us as a threat. Therefore, they might approach and endanger themselves and us.

There are 300 acres of trails, a nature center, pond, and the animal residents, of course. Have a look at some of what awaits you. These photos are only a small part of what you will enjoy.

quogue wildlife refuge

Bobbie the Bobcat Info

One of the creatures I most liked visiting was Bobbie the Bobcat. Sadly, after a great 20 year life of safety and leisure, Bobbie died on July 26, a few days short of my visit. Don’t wait to visit… no day is promised.


Until next time, enjoy your trip around town, here on the beautiful East End.


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