Clearwater Beach 28th Annual BBQ

Summer 2017 has begun for sure! How do I know? Last evening, Clearwater Beach held its 28th annual BBQ.  Since the 25th, back in 2014, the BBQ has returned to its simpler roots. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw… you get the idea. A simple, essential picnic with happy neighbors enjoying themselves.

clearwater beach 28th annual bbq

Marian says “Have some rose and relax!”

We returned to a simpler time, too. Once upon a time, we used to prepare ribs, roast chicken, a wide variety of appetizers… lots of work… and for what? Marian, already in a party mood, sits next to our wine cooler. Yup, some Wölffer Rosé, well chilled, made those burgers and dogs go down perfectly.

Here are some pics from the BBQ. Enjoy! We did.

One of the great things about our Clearwater beach is the sunsets. Last evening did not disappoint. At first obscured by clouds, the sun made its appearance before dipping below the horizon.


We had a great time, and thank the Clearwater Beach Property Owners Association Board of Directors, who made this great evening possible. You were great, folks!

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