“Lobster Roll Near Me”

Our Visit to Sound Bistro

“Lobster roll near me” was the search phrase I gave Google. Connected via Android Auto, we received directions and were rolling in seconds. After an hour spent poking around Costco in Riverhead, NY, Marian and I were ready for lunch. Google sent us north, to Sound Bistro, located at 3225 Sound Avenue. In five minutes, we were walking in the door.

The location and structure looked familiar, but not the name. Why? Before 2017, this restaurant had been Lobster Roll Northside. After an ownership change and updates to interior, menu, and bar, Sound Avenue Bistro  631.381.0519 emerged.

The restaurant is large, and features an outdoor eating area, an indoor-outdoor area, and inside seating. The outdoor seating seemed kid-friendly, as there were several families with young ones enjoying the fresh air. However, given the high temps and humidity, we went for the indoor option.

Satisfied Customers

So… lunch was terrific. Our table was nearby a huge wrap-around bar that looked comfortable. Empty when we arrived, the bar filled throughout our visit. Our friendly waitress offered a long list of beer on tap, and we chose a local favorite, Greenport Harbor Ale. There are few things better when you are thirsty on a hot, humid day, than a cold one.

We shared a generous Fish and Chips plate and an Asian Tuna Burger. The burger was tasty and was served with a side of soba noodles. The Fish and Chips featured a super-light and crisp tempura batter that was excellent.

Nearby, other diners enjoyed lobster salad, grilled salmon on green salad, burgers, and despite the hot weather, pasta. Lots of eating, not much talking. A sure sign of hungry people and good food. With a friendly wait-staff, fast kitchen, solid brew list, interesting menu, and reasonable prices, Sound Bistro is a winner. Oh right, I didn’t order a lobster roll. I’ll have to save it for our next visit.

Gingerbread University

I mentioned the former name of the restaurant was Lobster Roll Northside. It was founded in 1999 by Fred Terry Sr., who also founded the iconic Napeague restaurant Lobster Roll in 1965. Fred has moved out of the restaurant business, but owns and operates Gingerbread University, located in the Baiting Hollow Shopping Center where Sound Bistro sits.

At Gingerbread University, Fred is known as “Gingerbread Fred.” OK, by now you must be wondering what Gingerbread University is. It is a baked goods decorating locale where kids come with parents, or on school trips, to decorate Gingerbread cookies and similar sweet items. Fred was charming, as he showed us around Gingerbread U. It’s easy to see how he became such a successful restaurateur. Looking for something different to do with kids? This might just be it.

Next Time

I’m guessing we’ll be in Greenport, NY soon enough. Perhaps American Beech or 1943 Pizza Bar. We’ll see…

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