Shellabration 2018

Shellabration 2018 was a winner…

The weather gods were kind to Shellabration 2018 on Saturday, December 1. Blue skies, sun, and mild temperatures made an afternoon of strolling, eating, and drinking in Greenport, NY a pleasure. Apparently, the gods withdrew their approval on the following day as heavy rain arrived.

Getting Started at Greenport Harbor Brewery

Per usual practice, we picked up our wristbands, participating establishment guide, and tasting tickets at the Greenport Harbor Brewery. This year, the first tasting took place upstairs in the bar instead of by the brewing vats. It made for a cozier atmosphere, as you can see. While many Greenport brews were available, we tried the Pugliese Vineyards rose. It complemented the clams and oysters perfectly.

Shellabration monies go to support SPAT, the Suffolk Project for Aquaculture Training. Hence, delicious shellfish pervade the tasting menus throughout.

On to American Beech

American Beech in Stirling Square is one of our favorite Shellabration tastings. This year they featured a scallop risotto flavored with white chocolate. Hmm, you are wondering about that combo, aren’t you? No worries, it is amazing, and it is part of their regular menu. The Lieb Cellars‘ Pinot  Blanc paired well with the rich risotto.

Next Stop Basso

Right around the corner from American Beech sits Basso, also within the Stirling Square complex. Basso serves Cicchetti, which they call “snack food with style”. For this Shellabration they had razor clams on offer. They were tasty but perhaps a bit sandy. Hardly surprising given the habits of a razor clam.

Pellegrini Chardonnay was the accompaniment. We sat for a time on Basso’s deck enjoying the sunshine and relative warmth, which is in scarce supply all winter.

Time for Stirling Sake

Stirling Sake is only a short walk from Stirling Square. We always enjoy the sake and scallops in miso, and this tasting was no exception. Join us and enjoy our experience…

Kate’s Cheese Co. Was New for Us

Shellabration comes but once a year, so visiting familiar venues is not exactly staying in a rut. However it was fun to try Kate’s, which opened earlier this year. A combination cheese shop, lunch spot, wine bar, and friendly respite, we enjoyed their Paella and the pour from Anthony Nappa Wines.

Winding Up the Day at Frisky Oyster

Frisky Oyster is a favorite of ours and their pairing partner Sparkling Pointe makes the experience even better. So good that we got frisky and each enjoyed a coupe of their sparkling wine, rather than just a taste. Hey, why not? The Friskafella, scallops in a cauliflower puree, and the NOFO Oyster Chowder were excellent.

Time to Head Home

So, all good things have to end. Our 3+ hours of tasting shellfish and wine were over and we headed back to East Hampton via ferry. Every time Shellabration ends, I think back on other great Shellabration events and begin the countdown to next year’s stroll. I hope we see you there.

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