Enjoying Monday on Sunday

Is this a time machine story?

No, it’s even better. This post is all about my LI Winterfest visit to Diliberto Winery on Sunday, 2/16, to enjoy Monday Michiro’s Jazz performance. Marian was away visiting her folks, so I went on this trip around town solo. I had a great afternoon, and by every appearance, so did all the other folks at Diliberto.  Now I don’t know beans about jazz, but, Monday and her keyboard accompanist Misha put on a great performance. I liked what I heard. So did the packed tasting room, where there was not a spare seat.

Monday and Misha

Monday and Misha captivate the crowd

Digging it out

Mr. Diliberto

Your host, Mr. Diliberto

On Saturday, the East End received another generous helping of snow. I’m a skier and love snow, so I was glad to learn that some of this storm got to the slopes of Stowe, VT and Sunday River, ME. Sunday morning found me trenching my way to the car to dig it out. It took longer than I thought, and instead of getting to Diliberto early, I arrived a bit late.  The winery’s parking lot was nearly full, but their parking attendant found me a spot. Later I met the attendant, and discovered it was Mr. Diliberto, himself. He is a man who leads from the front.



Monday Michiru

Well, I didn’t know what I was hearing, but I was enjoying it.  Monday told me she performed “Brazilian-style Jazz”. Did she mean “The Girl from Ipanema”?  No, this music had more going on.

Besides her vocals, Monday pulled out a beautiful flute and jammed with it. Very personable, she told the crowd the story of receiving this very flute from her father as a present and then having it withdrawn when she failed to practice with it. Years later, on the occasion of her 50th birthday, her father gave her back the flute, Clearly he was proud of the results she achieved in her career. Does she practice today? You can ask her yourself when you visit her next performance. Monday is friendly and charming. I look forward to hearing more of her music, and seeing her perform again.


The tasting room was packed, with Monday and Misha set up  in the far corner.  I insinuated myself into the service bar space and tried some of the Diliberto wines. As usual in Winterfest venues, the $20.00 price of admission gets you a glass of wine. Diliberto generously offered a second glass for $5.00, while Monday was playing. Winery hostesses Liz and Lauren coolly worked non-stop to keep the crowd in wine. Here is what I enjoyed.

Diliberto 2009 Chardonnay – $21.00/bottle – After all that snow shoveling, I was thirsty when I arrived at the winery. If you’re thinking it was time for a Peroni, you might be right. However, this delicious Chard did the job. It had the acid it needed but called honey and butterscotch to mind. This wine sees oak, but in a well controlled way. A fine job at the right price. Enjoy it!

Diliberto 2011 Merlot – $25.00/bottle – Lots of fresh fruit here, and enough acid to be food friendly. Sometimes, Merlot lacks acid but they got this one right. A quick visual survey who was drinking what at the tables showed the crowd voted with its palates for this wine. By the way, thin crust pizzas were flying out the kitchen door and heading for the tables. Some cheese plates found their way to the enthusiastic participants too. An existence proof that pizza, cheese, Merlot make great table companions.

Diliberto 2009 TRE – $32.00/bottle – This delicious red is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. One enthusiastic patron came back to the service bar and asked for”another glass of that mix”. However you describe its composition, TRE offers rich black fruit, dried figs, and some compelling notes of spice. I would like this one with roast meat. Perfect for a snowy winter evening.

In Vino Veritas


Drink up, and say what you mean!

In sufficient quantities, there is truth in wine. Those who have spent time “in their cups” know what I mean. The truth of this trip around town is that Diliberto Winery is a terrific venue that you should visit. On selected Sundays, they host “Sunday with Grandma”. This is a Sunday afternoon of live music, food, and wine. The next opportunity to enjoy that food and wine fest is March 2, so give a call and make a reservation. Of course, the winery has regular hours for wine tasting and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

By the way, Diliberto has an “over 21” entrance policy, so expect to enjoy an interlude of adult conversation. The wall decor is painted to resemble an outdoor Tuscan cafe, and there are plenty of tasteful nudes hanging on the walls. You are bound to find something to discuss.

Next Time

With four more weeks of Winterfest 2014 left, you can be sure we will enjoy more wine and more music. Where? Well, you will know right after we do. Until then, enjoy your trip around town.

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